Here are the main functions of WM Phone synchronisation. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, drop us an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you!

Why use Calendae?

Using Calendae as your Outlook™ to manage your calendar and your address book: it enables you to view and back up data from your PC. Moreover, Calendae allows you to consult your calendar and address book from any Internet and WAP access. And you can share your data with other people in read-only access or full access.

How does Calendae synchronisation work?

Your data from Calendae is copied to a local file. This file is synchronised with your WM Phone application and reloaded on Calendae to update our database. The local file is deleted after synchronisation.
The transfer of your data requires a standard Internet connection (HTTP 1.0 protocol, TCP port 80) and access to it is protected by a random 128-bit password during synchronisation.

Synchronisation with the CalendaeSMP application:

The CalendaeSMP synchronises your telephone with your Calendae account. It is installed on your telephone. And, since this application processes your Calendae data from your telephone, it requires a GSM or a GPRS Internet connection when synchronising.
For each application, you may choose one of the following 3 standard types of synchronisation for your calendar and your address book:
* Copy Calendae to SMP : your Calendae data will overwrite the WM Phone.
* Copy SMP to Calendae : the WM Phone will overwrite your Calendae data.
* Synchronise : all data created, modified or deleted on Calendae since the last synchronisation is created, modified or deleted on the WM Phone and vice versa.

CalendaeSMP synchronises the WM Phone with your Calendae account. It installs itself on your PC. Since this application is going to process your Calendae data from your PC, it requires an Internet connection every time it synchronises.

Installing CalendaeSMP:

- Firstly, you have to configure your Calendae account: from your calendar, select SETTINGS, then select SMP and register.

- Then, you have to download the installation file in the download section.

- This is a ZIP file which extracts several files in a temporary directory on your PC. Launch the setup.exe file in the temporary directory after having connected your telephone. It will execute CeAppMgr.exe, installed as a standard by ActiveSync. Therefore, you may remove it from your telephone at any time using ActiveSync.

- Once installed, do not forget to activate your Internet browser’s cookies.

List of compatible telephones:

- SPV from Orange, SPV e100, SPV e200 unsigned
- Qtek unsigned
- Motorola MPX200 unsigned
- all Windows Mobile 2003 and WM 5.0 phones executing unsigned applications