Calendae offers a sharing calendar service : access your calendar and the calendars of your team, friends, .... , wherever you are. You just need an Internet or Wap connexion to access them.

You can give access to your sharing calendar, in readding access or full access.

Why use the sharing calendar:

The Shared account is designed for work groups, company service departments and associations. It permits the sharing of calendars and/or address books between several people, according to the access rights which have been defined.

Definition of a group:

A Group is an autonomous entity, created and managed by an Administrator, which combines several people with their own account, including a calendar and an address book.
Each person in the group may access the other accounts in the group: full access, read-only access or no access, defined for each account.

Personal events and contacts

Each member may define for each event in his own calendar and for each contact in his own address book those which will be visible to the rest of the group and those which will be hidden from the other members. By default, all events in the calendar are public and all contacts are personal.