Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, drop us an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you!

Can I try using Calendae before registering?

Yes, you can use the following account:
Login: calendae
Password: demo
This account allows you to test the main features of the individual calendar.

What is the difference between the individual calendar and the shared calendar?

If several of you wish to manage and share a calendar between you, you can subscribe to the shared calendar by creating a group.

If you wish to manage your own calendar and offer your partner or a friend the opportunity to view it, you can subscribe to the individual calendar.

What is the difference between the PIM version and the full version?

The PIM version allows you to manage your calendar and contacts, whereas the full version also allows you to manage tasks and documents.

In the trial version, you may use every function of the full version, including the management of emails, tasks and documents, with 1 MB of space for storing documents. Then, when ordering, you may choose between the PIM version and the full version.

With the full version, you have 100 MB of storage space for your documents and you may purchase more space if required.

What is the purpose of the group proposed with the Login/Password when I connect?

The group field should be completed by shared calendar users only.

What are the limitations of the trial version of Calendae?

Once you have registered, you may use all of Calendae's features free of charge for a period of 30 days. Then you may subscribe for a period of one year.

To date, we do not limit the number of events in each calendar, or the number of contacts and tasks. But we reserve the right to fix a limit, in particular during the trial period, if we see that the system is being abused. However, the document storage space is limited to 100 MB, but may be extended by the purchase of additional space.

How is payment made?

All bank card payments on the site are managed entirely by our bank.

When you select a paying product, we display the details of the product along with its period of use, and a pop-up window is opened. This window is supplied by our bank and offers you different payment options (by bank card or cheque).

We recommend that you choose to pay by bank card, because your product will be activated immediately once payment has been received. This type of payment is perfectly secure because your bank card information is transmitted by SSL directly to our bank, which manages your payment and confirms the operation to us immediately.
Cheques must be made payable to SARL AD VITAM and sent to the following address along with details of your login or your group:
207, Allée du clos des chaumonières
45160 Olivet

How can I synchronise my Palm with my Calendae calendar only occasionally because I do not have a permanent Internet connection?

By default, the synchronisation between your PalmOS® handheld and your calendar is updated every time you launch the HotSync® function. But, you can change this parameter in “HotSync/Customise” on your PalmDeskTop. You will find the 2 conduits, CalendaeCalendar and CalendaeContacts, and you will be able to change their settings every time before launching the HotSync® function.

Why do you use cookies?

Cookies allow us to memorise the information you have already provided to avoid you having to re-enter it. We use cookies to memorise your login and your group, so that you only have to enter your password when you connect.

We also use a cookie for synchronising with your PDA in order to find your calendar.

When I connect to my Calendae account, the home page is displayed without an error message. What is happening?

For security reasons, we use a cookie with a password to prevent anyone with your ID being able to connect your calendar. If your browser does not accept cookies, you will not be able to view your Calendae calendar. For Internet Explorer (in Tools-Internet Options-Privacy), at the most, you will need a Medium High Privacy level.

You propose a list of public non-working days by country, but can I modify one of these public non-working days?

Of course, you can create, update and delete your non-workings days. You can use the default list for your country and modify it, or create your own non-working days. For this, select 'SETTINGS' from your calendar, then 'access the list of non-working days'.

I regularly use my Calendae account. Can I memorise my login/password/group to avoid entering them every time I connect?

Yes you can memorise the following URL in your Internet browser phone:
Just replace xxx by your login, yyy by your password and zzz by your group (empty if you are using an individual account).

Also you can memorise the following URL in your mobile phone or your handheld for the WAP version:
Just replace xxx by your login, yyy by your password and zzz by your group (empty if you are using an individual account).

Is my data safe? Who can access it?

In the following, by 'personal data' we either refer to your personal details (your login, password, email address, phone number, etc.) or your data (events in your calendar, contacts in your address book, etc.).

Yes, your personal data is protected, and saved every day. Access to our database is also secure.

When you delete data, it is completely deleted. And when your registration is deleted, all your data is removed.

We undertake not to transmit your personal data to third parties. Your email address will be used only to inform you about new Calendae services.

We advise you to choose a complex password (at least 8 characters without any meaning) and to change it regularly. You should also apply this rule to passwords for other people with access to your calendar.

What does the name 'Calendae' mean?

'Calendae' means 'Calendar' in Latin.